So, How Much Should I Charge to Share My Gear?

Your price will vary depending on the type of gear you are renting out, and where and when you are renting it. Holiday seasons and locations will likely have an impact. Also look at what others are doing on the site.

You should consider charging for any of your included accessories.

You might also choose to charge an additional cost to provide the option of a drop-off and pick-up service.

In the end, though, you should charge whatever makes it worthwhile for you.

Based on a variety of online info, the following might be a good starting point for the different type of gear that you rent to others;

Kayak or canoe rental:

  • $18/Per day
  • $104/week
  • $346/month

Bicycle rental:

  • $22/Per day
  • $131/week
  • $432/month

Electric bicycle:

  • $54/Per day
  • $326/week
  • $1110/month


  • $15/Per day
  • $87/week
  • $288/month


  • $8/Per day
  • $46/week
  • $149/month


  • $7/Per day
  • $42/week
  • $134/month

Camping tents:

  • $5/Per day
  • $25/week
  • $71/month


  • $41/Per day
  • $245/week
  • $833/month

Golf club set:

  • $22/Per day
  • $131/week
  • $432/month

Ice skates:

  • $5/Per day
  • $20/week
  • $57/month


  • $5/Per day
  • $20/week
  • $57/month




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