Benefits of Lending and Renting Your Outdoor Gear

             Whether it’s a lifelong passion or short-lived excitement, there is no denying that people buy outdoor gear for the love of adventure and thrill. When it comes to owning such gear, most people fall into 2 categories. The first are those who are outdoors every week, using and abusing their gear to its ultimate potential.  

Then there are those who burn a hole in their pockets because of a sudden interest in a particular outdoor activity. This gear ends up collecting dust in the garage after only a few weeks of use because life happens, and our interest no longer remain a priority. For the days to months all this gear just sits there, why not let others rent it from you and you make some extra cash?

Rent Gear You Own

  • Say Hello to Savings: When we are passionate about an outdoor activity or sport, we spend a lot of time researching to find the best deal. For most of us that means the best bang for our buck! However, quality comes at a price, and that can be pretty hefty when it comes to certain types of gear. So instead of letting it sit there for the weeks you don’t use it, rent it out and get back the money you invested.
  • Helps in Maintaining Your Sporting Gear: Most outdoor gear is best maintained by its constant use and mobility. When it sits in your garage, it collects dust, rust and bacteria which can deteriorate the gear. Season after season, the cost of maintenance required from limited use can add up. So why not rent out your gear to earn some extra cash, while at the same time helping to keep it working well.
  • It Clears Up Space: If you have some gear cluttering up your attic or garage and taking up space, post it on our rental platform for others to rent while you are not using it. Not only will you get paid good money for it, you will also clear up the space so it can used for other things.
  • Own A Rental Business: You can use our custom designed platform to launch your own outdoor gear renting business on the side.  Block out the dates you are using your gear, and let our platform take care of the rest. You will be able to earn some extra cash year round and we will bring the renters to you!

Renting vs. Buying Your Own

  • Save Money: Renting gear is a lot cheaper than going out there and buying your own. When you are buying something, you are investing a certain sum of money into the product. You are responsible for fixing any damages that occur and the gears’ ongoing maintenance. You may also need to rent a storage locker to keep all the equipment when it’s not being used, adding to the total cost of owning your gear.
  • Convenience: If you’re planning an outdoor adventure with your family and friends, why not avoid the hassle of researching and purchasing gear you need. Instead, rent from others in the area at affordable prices. Chances are, they may have all the gear you need for a particular activity, like camping, and you may be able to rent it as a package deal, making pick up and drop off much easier and convenient.
  • A Sustainable Choice: By renting the gear, not only are you saving your hard-earned money but you are also saving the environment by reducing waste in our landfills.
  • Reliable and Quality Gear:When you rent your gear directly from the owner, you know you are getting a reliable and safe product. Those that own their gear take very good care of maintaining it year after year because it is used by them and their family.  Renting from those around you can offer you that peace of mind.
  • Ensure Availability: Most gear rental store fronts don’t let you reserve your gear ahead of time, so you need to get there bright and early to ensure you get the gear you want.  This can make trip planning very stressful, especially for vacationers visiting during the busy peak seasons. So why not avoid any chances of disappointment? Book early and lock in your rental so you know you’ll have a great time on your next adventure!

The Bottom Line

Whether you are a renter or a lender, you can both save money and help to reduce waste.

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