Meet the Creators of Share My Gear

All Adventure Seekers, Beginners, Experts and those like me,

Welcome!  First things first, a little about us.  My husband and I, live in the beautiful province of British Columbia, with our adorable fur baby. We moved here temporarily about 5 years ago from our homeland, Toronto (the 6ix) for work, and ended up staying. I think that’s the story with most of us East-Coasters who come here to either visit a friend or family member, relocate for a work assignment, or just travel in general, and end up falling hopelessly in love with the grand mountainous ranges that line our backdrop.

Moving to BC brought to light a whole new way of life for us. Whether it was its inaccessibility or our ignorance, we had never done many outdoor adventures while we lived in Toronto. 

To be honest, for those who live or have lived there know, anything nature takes hours to get to. In BC, everything and I mean literally everything, was at our doorstep to do. We could hike on many of the worlds’ best trails just steps from our doorstep.

 We could go camping at sites which were less than an hour away from us. We could try paddle boarding or canoeing at the rivers and ocean that surround us. We could even try our luck at skiing or snowboarding at one of our local mountains like Grouse or Cypress. I mean the list is exhaustive. Now, in order to do these things, we needed the respective gear and that can be quite expensive.

One thing to know about us is that we absolutely love camping, so we purchased our first set of gear. When you are camping for the first time, most people think you only need a tent and pillows. However, you also need other essentials like camping chairs, sleeping bags, tarp, cooler, flashlights, first-aid kit, kitchen utensils, etc. The cost of all of these can add up pretty quickly, and it definitely was not cheap. Most of us are only able to go camping a couple of times a year, due to work or family commitments. The rest of the time our stuff just literally sits in our storage unit.

Like most of you checking out this website, we are regular working folk who feel the financial strains of living in a place surrounded by immense beauty.  However, our desires to try out new activities and embrace the outdoors in new ways sometimes ended up burning a hole in our pockets. Realizing this helped us come up with the platform and idea behind Share My Gear. It not only helps us make some supplemental income on our camping equipment that we just have sitting in our storage unit. We can even find others in the community that are renting their gear that’s not being used for adventures we want to cross off our bucket lists.  It is so much more affordable then renting it directly from the big box stores and you get to keep the gear for the whole day!

Why limit yourself? Get out and try all the outdoor adventures you’ve wanted to do and check them off your bucket list. We are having a blast doing this! We hope you join us in creating a safe community of lenders and renters so everyone can have just a little more excitement. What are you waiting for? Adventures Await!

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