Insuring your gear up to $1,000

Whenever you list your items on Share My Gear to be rented out to others you can rest assured your equipment is safely insured. In fact, you can have an ease of mind since we insure your gear up to $1,000. Rest easy knowing if anything happens to your gear we will have you covered.

We work hard to keep Share My Gear’s users a safe place to lend. However, if for any reason your gear is lost, stolen or damaged we have you covered. When you lend on Share my gear every item is covered by our guarantee up to $1000 automatically.

What if my gear is worth more than $1,000?

If your gear is worth more than $1,000 we may be able to guarantee coverage for said gear. This is done on a case by case basis though. Please email us at with pictures, year purchased, brand name and model and purchase price/receipt and we will be able look into it.

To start listing your gear simply go to equipment rental and click on become a lender

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